Axed by Addition
Season 1, Episode 3
Air date September 7, 1992
Written by Marion Wells
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"Axed by Addition" is the third episode of Goof Troop, and the first regular episode of the series.


P.J. gets Max to help him study when Pete says he'll be grounded forever if he fails tomorrow's big math test. When P.J. thinks he failed the test, Max helps him fake an illness so he can take him around town and live life to the fullest for his last day of freedom.


  • Goofy only has a short cameo.
  • P.J.'s list of things to do before he's grounded:
    • Eat 200 Gorilla Burgers
    • Watch all twelve Mutilator movies
    • Ride down Hairpin Hill on a shopping cart
    • Kiss Cynthia Snotfroup
    • Go on the three worst rides at Terror Land
  • Error: When Pete crashes his car into the truck, his roof gets ripped off but the truck doesn't get damaged.
  • Working title: Fatal Subtraction