For Pete's Sake
Season 1, Episode 44
4 Pete's Sake
Air date January 3, 1993
Written by Steve Sustarsic
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"For Pete's Sake" is the forty-fourth episode of the first season of Goof Troop.


Pete accidentally wrecks his Swiss-army hedge clipper, and decides to deceive Goofy into thinking that he did it instead, knowing that it would cost him a lot to replace. Goofy, discovering it and buying into his scheme as planned, writes him an apology note saying he will get him a replacement. When receiving it, Pete however rips it in half, reading only the first half of it. From reading only that portion out of context, coinciding with being just after Pete has cheated a bunch of customers out of selling them defective used cars and realizing it, he becomes downright paranoid and thinks that someone's out to murder him.