Meanwhile, Back at the Ramp
Season 1, Episode 9
Meanwhile Back at the Ramp
Air date September 15, 1992
Written by Cathryn Perdue
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"Meanwhile, Back at the Ramp" is the ninth episode of the first season of Goof Troop.


Max is upset that Goofy has never won any awards and has no career with his upcoming class reunion. Meanwhile, Pete, in an attempt to achieve more customers at his used car lot, sets up the biggest half-pipe in the world, and hires a skateboarding legend to ride down it. The skateboard legend is too terrified of the ramp’s height, so he quits. Pete needs somebody to ride down it, so he offers an award for the individual who does it. Goofy snatches up this offer, and plans to ride down it. Max is excited, but realizes that Goofy can’t skateboard, so he and P.J. dress up like him and go in his place.