Aerial View of Spoonerville at Sunset
is Goofy, Max, and Pete's hometown and a fictional city in Goof Troop, A Goofy Movie and An Extremely Goofy Movie. The map used by Goofy in A Goofy Movie shows that it is located in the state of Ohio, and in Delaware County.

List of LocationsEdit

There are lists of locations from the fictional city of Spoonerville, that they were located at Calisota and Delaware County, Ohio from several episodes of the animated series, Goof Troop, produced by Disney Television Animation plus A Goofy Movie, & An Extremely Goofy Movie produced by DisneyToon Studios.

Residential Homes

  • The Goof Family House
  • The Pete Family House
  • The Willoughby Mansion
  • Mr. Blackstone's Mansion

Schools & Education

  • Pistol's Preschool
  • Spoonerville Elementary School
  • Spoonerville Junior High School
  • Spoonerville High School
  • Spoonerville Humanity School of Street Theater

Food & Entertainment

  • Goonie Golf
  • Terror Land
  • Behemuth Burgers Drive-in Restaurant
  • Food Emporium Drive-Thru Restaurant
  • Gorilla Burgers Drive-in Restaurant
  • Pizza Palace
  • Spoonerville Movie Theater
  • The Abandoned Circus

Stores & Shopping

  • Spoonerville Grocery Store
  • Wallpaper R' Us Wallpaper Store
  • Spoonerville Laundromat
  • The Great Garbonzo's Magic Shop
  • Honest Pete's Used Car Lot

Civic & Other

  • Spoonerville Court House
  • Spoonerville Police Station
  • Spoonerville County Jail
  • Spoonerville Public Hospital
  • Spoonerville Harbor
  • Spoonerville Space Center
  • Spoonerville Fire Deparetment Firehouse
  • Slime Co.